E-commerce & Product Photography for RMMA

A local MMA club wanted to improve their online sales of the merchandise and needed some E-commerce/Product photography that was simple and showed exactly what the client was getting.

They also wanted a few shots of their own MMA gloves used by all the club fighters.

With the new studio up and running the E-commerce photography was simple and we got it shot, on a white backdrop, and edited very quickly for them, ready to go online.

With the MMA gloves we had a bit more fun.

I dangled the gloves from a bar using string, which I photoshopped out later.

I then illuminated the gloves, with two flash heads and soft boxes, so they looked their best and popped out from the background in the photograph.

Last of all I added another backlight, this time blue, to get a bit of flare and colour into the shot.

I have shot many times from Redditch MMA including Professional Portraits, Events and now Products.

Due to them liking my photography so much I have not only worked for them but had many clients from them.

For Redditch MMA's website click here

Floating MMA Gloves

Redditch MMA/10th Planet Jujitsu Rash Guard

Flat Lay Thai Boxing Shorts

Redditch MMA/10th Planet Jujitsu Rash Guard

Redditch MMA Thai Boxing Shorts

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