Interior Photography for Hogarth Hotel

An ongoing client of mine, Hogarth Hotel, and the talented Stylist, Sarah Loveday, contacted me as they have just redesigned their marquee area for weddings and a few other parts of the hotel including a newly refurbished Afternoon Tea room which is stunning.

I love photographing with this team as we all work so well together, resulting in some beautiful visuals for the hotel.

As I was shooting I even noticed their new brochure which was stacked with my images, its always nice to see your work in print!

As I have a Stylist, Hotel Owner and Manager all helping on the day I leave them to get the shots ready and concentrate on the lighting and technical aspect which is nice and means we can get a lot done in a day.

I have worked for them so many times now I don't usually get a brief as such, they like my style of photography and I know what they want.

They like the images to have a focal point with the background out of focus for most shots zoomed in so the image is not to fussy.

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