Product Photography with Fight Soap

Fight Soap contacted me as they wanted a wow/hero shot of their new product.

As it was a soap I wanted to use water and also make it look fresh and clean.

We decided to drop it into water and capture the waters movements etc.

The lighting set up was a 3 light set up, 1 either side and one at the front.

We tied the soap to a string to be able to retrieve it once dropped into the tank.

For an hour or so we dropped the soap into the water and tried to capture it all in one shot.

The issues we had were the box getting soggy and falling apart and also the fish tank was not big enough. Also issues with the soap making the water go cloudy.

In the end we shot the soap on its own (in the water) then photoshopped the splashes etc from the hours worth of soap dropping before.

A lot for one shot but I think it was worth it in the end.

Welcome to product photography!

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