Professional Portraits for the Rapper - Saint.

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

I met Saint a few years ago while photographing his Singer/Songwriter sister for her promotional material.

We got on straight away, with a mutual love for Hiphop music. He mentioned he was a rapper and had a label called Musical Killah Records.

He was impressed with what I did for his sister and said he would be in touch once he needed some more professional photography.

Fast forward a few years and he contacted me as his EP was coming out and needed some fresh imagery.

The brief was simply "do your thing" so thats what I did!

I went for a more relaxed look just using natural light, so no flash photography or gimmicks. I didn't want it to turn into a cheesy cliché rapper shoot or portray him to be something he does not want to be.

I tried to stay on brand with his unique lyrics and style.

We used a city street location but not too much graffiti or grime, as again, I didn't want it to become a cliche.

It was simply me, Saint and my camera with a 35mm lens on.

To view his website click here

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