Solihull Cross Fit

Dani has been a friend of mine, and model on a few occasions, for years. So when I heard she had been training Cross Fit I thought it would be great idea to expand my portfolio as I love working with athletes so much.

As the shoot was for me as much as Dani and her fellow competitor there was no particular brief.

I just wanted to capture the movements with a sense you were there. I also wanted to accentuate their body shape and the effort they were putting in.

Once I was at the venue (Box) I noticed the writing on the wall and had to include it in the shots!

Boring photography bit - Regarding lighting I used 3 soft boxes, one either side of them and one just infront as a fill in light. This brought out their toned body shapes but also lit up their faces.

Solihull Cross Fit link HERE

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